LV Supply Chain Case Competition

From left to right:
First row (winners): Mr. Pavanpal Singh, Mr. Darryl Keith, Mr. Jeremy Nadado, Ms. Olena Sukhina, Ms. Feifei Qiao, Ms. Yin Lam
Project Champion: Ms. Mathilde Curnillon, Mr. Renaud Masson, Sorin Ciocan
SMU Faculty Advisor: Professor Shantanu Dutta

During Phase 1 (from August 26 to December 3), 3 sections of a total of 321 undergraduate students students taking the OPIM participated in the project.

Ms. Mathilde Curnillon and Mr. Renaud Masson made a presentation of the LV supply chain to SMU students.  A case was made available to all students in the 3 sections, a total of 23 groups prepared reports for the project component of the course.

In Phase 2 (from December 15 to April 2015), one group that was designated the winner participated in an international case competition, and competed with students from 8 universities around the world.

Prof. Shantanu Bhattacharya interacted closely with the LV team and chose the winning group comprising of Ms. Nadia Yeo, Ms. Cheong Wei Jia, Ms. Michelle Quek and Ms. Yue Su Xian to represent SMU in the international case competition

Team representing SMU prepared a distribution plan each week for LV, which was compared with the actual demand data at LV, and a profit and carbon footprint were estimated.

Congratulations to the winning team!


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