High Priority Research Topics

Here are the list of research priorities identified in collaboration with senior leaders of LVMH at the Inaugural 2016 LVMH-SMU Luxury Research Conference. We hope that many of the researchers in luxury domain will address these research priorities at the future conference.

  1. Market orientation in luxury
    How do creative oriented brands stay attuned to the desires of the client?

  2. The role of luxury in driving Employer Branding
    How can luxury brands attract, retain and motivate the best employees?

  3. Luxury Service Experiences
    What role does service play in the luxury brand experience?

  4. The relationship between luxury and technology
    What is the relationship? How is it different?

  5. International Price Points
    How do differences in prices and interpretations of price impact luxury brand perception?

  6. The Growing power of Travel Retail
    How is consumer behaviour different? Can you build brand in travel retail?

  7. International Dynamics in Luxury Brand Purchase
    Does a Chinese buyer of LV in France feel differently from a Chinese buyer in China?
  1. Where have we come from? Where are we going?
    Use of longitudinal time series data to extrapolate future trends and changes in luxury
  1. Overexposure versus Awareness
    When does a luxury brand suffer because of over-exposure and how can this be avoided or ameliorated?
  1. Creative Directors vs Creative Teams
    What are the implications on consumers and brand success of moving from a single creative head to a team approach?
  1. How is Luxury Different across Business Groups?
    Comparing differences between W&S, W&J, F&LG and P&C

  2. Millennials and Luxury
    Do these people actually perceive and buy luxury differently from other generations?

  3. CSR and Luxury
    What impact does CSR have on the attitude to and purchase of luxury brands?

  4. Success Factors?
    What are the factors that enable a luxury brand to succeed or fail?


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